I am stuck. Please give me some comments.

I made some shoes designs. I am wondering people might think they are crappy. I would like to know what design aspects I should improve.

Thank you.

everyone likes leopards

I would recommend you to scan each of the sketches you have and open them in photoshop. Make the background white so that they will read better and look more clean.
For the rendering i would say practice or maybe spend a lot of time on the rendering and make sure that it is nice and detailed before you leave your seat. Since you use photoshop i guess, you can always undo when you dont like something and redo it better. :smiley:

Are you a ID or a Graphic?

Hi Flight, my major is making fabric patterns. I had shoe development experiences. Now I hope to get into the shoe design section. I did all the renderings in AI. Thanks for your help, I will refine and fix my layouts.

Hey Peter,

I have a nice tip for you with the leopard texture…do you have the Photoshop´s
exercise manual?

there´s an exercise that you need to mix two letters…I think two “X´s”,and after that to add a leopard texture.the way to make the texture was making selections and adding noise and something else.

If you have the book,check it out.

If you are trying to get in to the actual design of the shoe, it would probably be better to ease up on the bold patterns for a bit. In your third slide, it looks like you are developing something in the small sketches in the top right. However in the larger rendering on that slide you lose all of the details of your design because of the boldness of the pattern and the intensity of the orange. All I see is black and leopard in the shape of a shoe.

The main feature of your board should be the design of the shoe, and the patterns that go on it should be secondary, at least at this point. Once you have a design that you like, you could have a few smaller versions to the side with various colorways and different pattern treatments.

I hope that makes sense. If you haven’t already, look through the Sketch-Fu thread and see how others have used patterns. Look for a style you like and see if you can emulate it.

Thank you all. More comments would be appreciated. :astonished:

I like your thinking with taking the inspiration and applying it to the shoes… I think however design wise you may want to take a less obvious approach.

For example…How can you make the leopard shoe be about a leopard w/o the overt pattern? What else defines the animal and so forth. Maybe instead of the most obvious answer being the defining element, think of ways you can make us think different about your approach to it.

Good start, and really smart to look for feedback!

for what its worth…
this work looks alot like the kind of stuff i see in fashion forecast material. Definately not the ‘style’ or hand of most ID renders, so i guess depending on what area of the biz you are going for you may or may not need to ID-ize your work. I see some pretty over the top work and even quite poor renders/sketches (by ID standards) in trend forecast material that fetches a high premium. Still something i dont understand, but i guess thats what makes footwear so interesting, some companies have fashion people and others have ID people.