I am now an Author

Yeah that’s right, I’m officially an Author now of fine literature and this is my first novel. A true story.
The fruits of my labor…
…can’t touch this!"


page 1 & 2

page 3 & 4

page 5 & 6

page 7 & 8

page 9

That’s great!!

is Georgie you’re baby?
cause’ if he’s not, this could be your new coffetable book, it would get you all kinds of scattered ass I’m sure. Picture it, you start making her dinner, she finds the book, then BAM!! you’re tossing the salad before you’ve cut the lettuce

Wait a minute…I could make one of these :open_mouth:

Thanks Man :smiley:

Yep, That’s PovD@wg Jr.

cute kid :smiley:

this rocks.

nice job.

I’d kill my parents if they left me at Walmart… :stuck_out_tongue:

Making babies … the ultimate in product design:)

so lovely baby
i love he

it is cute~~!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The good lovable baby ~ this idea is very good, I like very much :blush: