I am new coming,here is some works of mine by sketchbook

Hope to make friends with you here~~~

Welcome to the boards 小艺

These are some hot sketches, I like the energy in your lines, and your background treatment.

I like the little hints on blue reflected light that you’re putting into the second sketch, it really helps that far end pop out from the background and create a believable 3 dimensional form.

The one thing that’s really hurting the sketch is the off perspective on the back wheel. The way you’ve drawn it, the wheel looks like it’s sliding off the car. I did a quick linework drawing over to show you what I’m talking about

Thanks for your quick linework drawing ,that is a serious problem,I will pay more attention to it .i can not say more as my poor English,anyhow thank you!

My Chinese is much worse than your English, so don’t worry about it. Design is a universal language so we can just talk that!

p.s. that Lambo sketch on the other page is very good, keep them coming!