i am in delima..on country

I really dont know which part of the country i want to continue my degree program in Product design…I have selected few and i really need help or more like confirmation so that i can make the decision…

so help me as my deadline is near…

this is currently the country i can go

New Zealand

so help me ya

dont you mean what country?
Last time I checked, they were all seperate countries.

ya…i mean countries

I would to go any of this country as i can see that there a different advantage on them…
like Japan…love their tech and packaging
US- in love with the advertising and technology

so that why i am in delima cuz i dont know where to go…

I love all the countries and i just need something to push me to get going and persuade to that country lor

it might be expensive, but you should check the schools out first!

don’t go to New Zealand its full of hobbits and they’re a pain in he ass to design for with their short legs and big feet…

Of those that you’ve mentioned, UK would be a good choice.

Not Taiwan definitely.