I am doing a research on......

old couple’s sex life. No I’m serious!!! So any advice or tips on where/how I can approach or initiate this will be great!

Also, another group of people I need to research on is people who have one-night-stand experiences, or attempted in it. I don’t need to know who you are. I just need to have a conversation of Q and A on your mentality and attitude towards such activity. Of course I will let you know what this is all about when you PM me.

So, thanks in advance!

wrong section to post this and totally wrong forum!..in my opinion

you are right about wrong section. I actually missed the research forum… but then, nobody really goes there anyway.

As for wrong forum…can’t I design something on the topic of sex?

well, delete or move this thread if you(mod) see as appropriate. Thanks.

This is a fine forum. And this is in no way an inappropriate subject to address.

At any rate, you should check out the Kinsey Reports. Dr. Kinsey & his team did extensive research on peoples sexual behavior/attitudes. The research was done about 50 years ago and proved to be quite controversial for its time.

one night stand mentality:

check out info on polyamorous relationships, book Ethical Slut would be a good start. it has a few real life stories and it’s easy to find.

I just did a quick search and read through of its description online and it seems that the results were presented in the form of stats and numbers. I am more interested in the mentality and attitude of the person though. However that information is really helpful nonetheless. Thanks!

I’ll definitely check it out. It seems to have what I am looking for. Thanks!

You might find the book “Designing Pornotopia, Travels in visual culture” relevant to your research. There is a good review of this book in the October issue of Blue Print.

I think more need to be understood about how sexuality affects design - particularly in western culture, which has an ambivalent attitude towards this subject in contrast of other cultures where gods are sexy and openly engaged in delightful activity.