"i am canadian" looking for "Canadian ID&quot

oh golly, im so choked that all the old posts are gone!!! :neutral_face:

I am specifically looking for a post that was posted on January 4th or 5th, under the Student Discussion section, under the topic thread entitled something like Canadian ID schools by a user named m. At the end of the discussion, i am canadian asked user Canadian ID if s/he knew of any Vancouver ID design firms, to which s/he replied with a list of website links.

oh, Canadian ID, if you’re still out there, can you kindly post those websites again? who knew i should have jotted them down with a good old pen and paper?!? :confused:
thank you kindly!!! :wink:

Hey iac,

The staff @Core77 is working on the old threads… posted here:

Other than that, check this site out…

Just click on “resources” and then “Professional IDers registered in BC”…

Hope the link helps!

hey, you can find that old posting here: http://www.core77.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/002037.html