I am an Industrial Designer, to make it clearer, it is accep

Hey, I am creating a business card. My degree is a BA Industrial Design here in the UK, I will be looking for jobs in Europe. Industrial designer sound to the unknowing person like I design machinery etc. Should I therefore put Industrial / Product designer on my business card, to help show I am product focused?

Would you be speaking to unknowing individuals? Who is the intended audience for you business card? Will they have already had a conversation with you when you hand them your card?

Which part of europe? Maybe put a translation on the card?

I personally kept mine as industrial designer. Most people I would give my personal business card to understand the term as they are familiar with the field.

Product Designer, on the other hand, has a much more broad term. Digital Product Designer is a title thrown all around they Bay Area right now.

I’d stick to industrial designer, but I’d say the two terms have pretty much the same meaning. In my opinion, everybody within the ID field knows what an industrial designer does. If they were people not related to the ID field, chances are they don’t have a proper idea of what an industrial designer is capable of anyway, so just use the one you like the most.