I am a HS senior: oppinions on schools i am applying to??

I am a HS senior, and I know that I love ID. I have good artistic ability, but I have some trouble with some basic forms of ID drawing. I am particularly interested in Automotive Design, and Product Design. I know about Art Center, but I was hoping to go there for Grad School, not undergrad. I am applying to college as an ID major and was wondering what your opinions were on the schools to which I am applying. Here is the list:

  1. Syracuse University
  2. Pratt
  3. RISD
  4. University of Cincinnati
  5. Carnegie Mellon
  6. U of Illinois Champaigne-Urbana
  7. U of Illinois-Chicago

Thanks a lot.


Welcome to the boards. Finding what you want to do is huge, and a big step.

U oc Cinci and
CCS (detroit) should be top on your list if you want to do automotive

why are you already planning on grad school? Most Art Center students in Transportation ar undergrads who have transfered in from another school or have a bachelors in an unrelated field.

Personally, I would take these off my list:
5. Carnegie Mellon
6. U of Illinois Champaigne-Urbana
7. U of Illinois-Chicago

I sort of don’t know if I will go to grad school, but I know I want to attend Art Center at some point. UIC, and U of Illinois-Ch-Urb. are on my list because I live in Chicago, and they are close by. I have added CCS to my list, but why should I take RISD off my list? Is there anything I dont know about it? Also, I dont know much about CCS, so i was wondering why it is so high on everybody’s lists? I am looking for a school that is not solely based on art and design, as well- something with variety.
Any comments would be great. Thanks

Also, one more thing, what do you think of the Syracuse Univ. ID program? Both my parents went to Syracuse, and it has been one of my top schools for a while.

hey -

i attended syracuse for ID.
I think the program is pretty great as far as conceptually thinking of design ideas and design theory. the professors are great and there is a lot of one on one attention. i would say, however, that not a lot of attention is paid to model making and sketching (i only had two semesters of sketching in my sophmroe year), so you have to put in work to use the facilities available to you and learn specific skills. As with all schools you get out what you put in - I practiced sketching all day everyday and got good at it. I would say that if you want to go to a school with diversity (students as well as elective class choices), then SU would be your best bet.

The basketball team isn’t half bad either :wink:

Best of luck.

Too much to re-hash, but you can get the play by play here:

Umea design institute, Sweden is the worst choice!!!
You will know that when you are there!!!

I know nothing compared with other posters that have years of experience, but I do feel like I should note that I am having a fantastic experience at UI Urbana-Champaign.

It’s totally acceptable if it ends up not being someone’s choice, but I don’t think it deserves to be completely dismissed without reason, in the case of simply “taking it off your list.”

It’s ranked in the top 10 Art/Design/Arch schools every year by MANY reputable sources, and the syncronization between the design school and the peerless College of Engineering is an experience you will not get at a dedicated art or design school.

UIUC is product design oriented. ID students are more than welcome to pursue transportation design, even in their projects, but it is an area that is not necessarily fostered, nor do faculty here have experience in it. But UIUC has churned out some great product designers, and the RAZR, Gatorade bottle, Aero chair…etc.

Don’t worry about having trouble with ID drawing. Those skills are very teachable, and artistic vision and ability will allow you to thrive and push yourself here.

You’ll benefit from instate tuition here, too.

One question I would ask yourself is whether you’d like a huge student body or a tiny one. Pratt and others have small populations, UIUC has 40,000 students. I personally like the diverse and rich atmosphere of having thousands of colleagues, but it’s definitely all about preference.

Well put.

i mainly suggested he take it off his list because he mentioned he wants to do automotive design, that field being so competitive, it seems like it is best to go to a school with good connections into the industry.

Thanks for the info on your program, there has been many postings about that school, and it is great to get more information.


Thanks for your response, yo.
Looking back, I believe I inadvertently sounded a little defensive…but really I wasn’t offended in the slightest. Sorry for comin across that way…

And by the way, nice to meet ya. I’m new on these boards.

Looking forward to hearing perspectives from design schools as well as from fellow university attendees.

Nah, I didn’t take it that way, you did school me on your school though :wink: … in a good way. Thanks.


Yo always has solid information especially regarding industrial design. I would trust his judgment.

Yo, whatever you are being paid to help run this site isn’t enough. You are a GREAT resource.

Wow, thanks you sir… I don’t get paid anything, strictly volunteer. Thanks for the words, i appreciate it.