I already have a Bachelors

Well thats sort of a lie. I am a senior who will graduate with a Bachelors in Art & Visual Communications I am looking into the future to try to plan for it.

What is your advice for an emphasis that is closest to Industrial Design?

When I graduate with this AVC degree what should I do then if I want to study Industrial Design? Do I try to get a second bachelors?

Any advice related to someone wanting to enter/study industrial design already with a bachelors will be appreciated as well.

first tell us a bit more about yourself, send a link to your portfolio, and describe your interest in ID.

I don’t have a link to a portfolio. Maybe I should start building one.

I am very much into cars I blame my dad for that and have been around my dad working on them and looking at them at shows with him since I was a toddler. It was just natural that I be into them and appreciate the beauty and mechanics of them and start working on them myself. I have always loved art and also very young was talented and a creative person.

I never knew what I wanted to do as a career as a kid I remember other children announcing when they grew up they would be firemen or doctors or policemen. None of those sounded like something I wanted to do and I never knew and never had an answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I thought since I was passionate about cars and art maybe I could design them. So I started looking into automotive designers and that is what led me to Industrial Design.

Realizing how competitive and how few jobs there are for auto designers I looked into Industrial Design itself and discovered the link between the art and technology or mechanics of the field. I loved that as those were my main passions interests and talents. I realized I might be just as happy designing something mundane and could get a great deal of satisfaction out of that possibly even as much as designing a car. It also seemed a more realistic goal. And that is why in my mid twenties after working many different jobs I could finally say what I wanted to be when I grew up so I went to college to one day be able to study ID. My intention was to transfer to BYU and study there but after 90 credits they no longer would accept a transfer. So that brings me to where I am today studying a somewhat related major and getting close to graduating without having actually studied ID yet.

Maybe I missed it, but why did you not apply to an ID course right away if you knew that this was what you wanted to do?

And yes, you will absolutely have to build a portfolio if you want to get into the field of Industrial Design, may it be to apply to another school, internship, freelance work. It is essential.