Hyundai UniWheel

Saw this in my feed this morning, thought it is really cool. Basically takes an EV transmission and puts it into the wheel. This allows for smaller motors, more efficiency and creates more room for batteries or interior space.

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Interesting. I’m wondering how this is better than a motor in each wheel, maybe less weight for the suspension to react to ?? Lots of pinion gears in the linkage. Lordstown Motors, bankrupt, and ugly, was going to use hub-motors from Elaphe on their trucks.

Not enough room for motor, transmission and brakes in the space? I think this is primarily eliminating the driveshaft inefficiencies and the need for a large singular motor. Perhaps cramming a motor into the wheel is diminishing returns, the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

Or cynical iab says Elpha has a large patent collection in that space and Hyundai is avoiding it by going this route.

From what i understood, its part keeping unsprung weight low, and part gear/torque reduction through the pinion gears so smaller motors can be used.

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Hang on? it surly can’t work like what is shown in the video.
they are showing only a linear motion in Z for the suspension, what about rotation? ie, steering‽
Also doesn’t take into account any camber.
How is it sealed?

I have too many questions

What I think I like most about this is that it now allows an AWD compact EV. The Mini and Golf EVs are FWD. I hate FWD, nothing handles worse. And the range can be extended on a compact as there can be more battery room. I won’t ever buy a large vehicle for myself.

The video shows a CV joint at the end of the motor shaft - so steering, camber, toe.

Unsprung weight would be a concern.

That*s a lot of gears. Fine and small and potentially under load. I am not sure, that this will have a long journey on tough dirt roads. Show it to be usable in rally sport and I might become interested.

There have been prototypes with wheels that turn like this since the 1930s… but seems like it is a bit closer to reality:

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