Hyundai N vision 74 walk around

disclaimer: I clicked thru the video pretty quick, no sound. I love the broken-up, chunky, Neo-Tokyo modeling of this thing. They are certainly trying to take risks with design and there’s the start of some consistent design equities; the square LEDs for one. The red rear hub is so 1980’s ‘designer’, like a Movado museum watch. Certain things are a questionable pastiche though, and like many other electric car concepts the elements of longish hood, set-back cabin, and various vents feel artificial or tacked-on or (shudder) skeuomorphic in a vehicle driven by batteries.

They explain all that if you had the sound on :rofl:

Loving the sounds

Isn’t it right now that us kids that grew up in the 80s have enough cash for more expensive cars? Kinda like how the Challenger debuted 14 years ago appealing to the kids that grew up in the 70s. It doesn’t seem too risky seen like that.

Spot on. it’s the same nostalgia that is fueling Bring a Trailer crazy prices on 80s cars and RADwood.

The design is pretty obvious, and I don’t think risky at all (it’s still a concept, not production) but at least it’s nicely done.


PS. I can’t watch anything on YouTube.

Tired of the none stop crypto ads? Or is that targeting just me?

I refuse to get excited about any concept car ever. They’re fun art projects, but they’re not products to me until they’re real. That said, I very much enjoy it as a concept. In the world of what’s being put out there by the mainstream brands, Hyundai and Kia are definitely leading the charge for me in terms of actually pushing car design forward in interesting ways.

Love the concept! Reminds me of playing Tokyo Extreme Racer on the Dreamcast (23 years ago?!?!), taking one of those super basic Toyota Trueno starter cars and just maxing out all the customization options, new body panels, spoilers, etc over the course of many races. I want to drive this Hyundai N concept winding through nighttime Tokyo highways and neon lit Shinjuku.

Flashing high beams is how to indicate you want to challenge the car up ahead to a race - Hyundai should think about a unique high beam design (maybe full light bar, or maybe the lights turn submarine-red or nightvision-green in race mode), then when they make it to production release an advertisement where they flash their high beams at a GTR :laughing:. Hope to see more retro-done-right like this Hyundai concept in the future.


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Build it!