Hyundai Ioniq 6

Might be buying one of these.

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A pet peeve for me is the down-sloping rear quarter, it counteracts the rake of the body crease. Not just this car. It reminds me of a sprinter in the ready position but not yet in the set position. Waiting to go but not yet primed.


and the crease on the doors makes the whole car look like an arch between the wheels, like a banana

Maybe if that little rear window angle didn’t get quite so acute toward the rear. If they had added more thickness to that C-pillar it could be almost hatch-backy. The double spoiler is kind of messy, Pontiac-ish.

It has a crazy low drag coefficient so perhaps they are both functional.

Been chatting with some people who have seen it isn person and they say it really has presence.

I can’t wait to see one. I think it’s one of those cars that we might not be able to judge with photos.

Front kinda bugs me. It’s like they sculpted this and thought, “we’ll add character later” and just never got back to it. It does have a 2005 Tiburon vibe, although…why? No Hyundai has had that nose in 10+ years.

This angle scares me. Cover the left with your hand it looks good. Cover the right with your hand it looks dumpy (only word I can think of). Kinda weak, kinda like a M-B CLS, but not as nicely resolved.

Glad they are trying though. This actually has a seed of original thinking around an EV package. I hope they push even further on the next one.

I totally agree with you on the creases on the hood. I don’t think it needed those. But will have to see in person. I think this is the biggest diversion from the concept. The concept had that sculpted, Porsche like hood. The production hood is much higher, probably for pedestrian impact standards and it get a frunk (though Porsche has both and manages it on the Taycan).

On the rear I think that secondary CHMSL wing will bring your eye up. Kind of like the Foxbody Mustang. Without the wing the Foxbody looked a little droopy (I preferred it that way, more SAAB like) but almost all of them were spec’ed with that wing that brought the visual height of the deck up.

I didn’t like the lower rear bumper in the photos but the more I see the walk arounds in the videos from eye height the more I’m ok with it.

My biggest gripe is that the trunk isn’t a lift back like the Model S and Stinger. That is a real difficult one for me because my spouse has a “must be a hatchback” rule…

Pretty ok for a half Porsche, half MB knock off. I think I saw one here the other day and it caught my eye.

An unoriginal but ok design can be nicer than an original poor one. Looking at you, gerbil face BMW.

Why not buy an A7 though for similar packaging with better quality and finishing?


The VO script is unbearable, but some nice cinematography of the details.

Interview with Hyundai head of design, Simon Loasby… and the video starts with a Raymond Loewy name drop.

I agree with Slippyfish about the acute angle of the rear window at the C pillar.
It looks like the window is being pinched by the roof line coming down and the bulge of the wheel arches.
Perhaps a generous radius to that corner like you see on a 911 would change that relationship?

Otherwise I don’t mind the way the surfaces flow across the car.
I’ve only skimmed the videos you’ve put up Yo but I agree the rear profile from eye level is nice.

The panning tail lights in the TopGear video at 12:50 remind me of KITT.

Re: Ionic 6 design film…Korean auto design seems to be last of the modern nations to embrace this 20th century “garden of Eden yet separated from reality” fantasy trope in their design programs. I find it so cheesy and embarrassing.

Having said that…This new design is brilliant apart from all of those chrome vertical tines applied to the rear ground fx.

I guess you can’t keep design consistency (chess pieces) if you’re mix & matching design elements. Whenever I see their cars I immediately try to associate the different design elements to other brands. I always feel like the front doesn’t match the back or the sides. I do like the Ionic 5 though. Like the cohesiveness and proportions…and it looks different. This one looks like a bloated TT sedan with porshe back.

the Ioniq name is brilliant too. How many times have you accidently said Iconic?

I’ve made that mistake just by talking too quickly. They got onto a good name. I feel like that is difficult to do these days!

Love these images:‘IONIQ-6’-ever-model.html

If you squint really hard it’s kinda ok.


designer interview

A friend of mine just took one home.

“good news!”