Hyundai Casper: The Coolest $12,000

Its rare that I want something anymore but I kind of want this:


It’s what the Nissan Juke should have been!

I was thinking today that we (North Americans) really lost something when AMC joined Chrysler. Every other part of the world has oddball manufacturers. Europe has/had all their national companies which fostered creative tests like the Fiat Multipla, Renault Twingo, Saab. Japan has the oddball Kei cars (supposedly facing extinction to the cross-over): Daihatsu Copen, Mazda AZ-1, Honda Vamos. What we’re missing a maker with nothing to lose, someone like AMC.

I can totally imagine AMC 2021 saying, “hey, let’s roll the dice on a super cheap, cute car. No one else is doing it.”