Hyundai 45 Concept from Frankfurt Auto Show

Hyundai retro boy looks like an aggressive and shear cousin to the Honda EV tofu bots. I’m a fan, thoughts?

Thanks for posting that. I love this thing! Been seeing it all over my instagram. Did you see the sketch comparing it to the original Italdesign Hyundai?

just got to show this thing some more love:


Same here, LOVE it! So many beautiful details, I only just noticed the shutter blades on the fenders. Also feels very ‘son of DeLorean’. If Hyundai can keep it close to this design language for production, I’d consider them to have moved up a couple of classes on the automotive ladder.

I love the front and back, but I don’t get the triangle on the side.

Yo, thanks for posting additional eye candy, especially them sketches. Got some DeLorean vibes going on for sure.
Holtag, I didn’t even see the fender details until you pointed it out, love that the extra layer of read isn’t screaming for attention but adds motion to an unexpected area. When was the last time fender flats got attention like this?

Looks like a modern interpretation of a 70’s Pininfarina or Giorgetto Giugiaro (Italdesign) creation. Very cool.

Looks spicy, nice detailing, I like it. Hopefully they can carry the good vibes of this concept through to production. Some of the traditionally entry level brands are really starting to flex their design muscle