Hypershot altrnative / osx / cpu render

hi all,
do you know of any good Realtime CPU Renderer for OSX?
(Free / OpenSource) preferred.

I’ve used Hypershot for a while and it Rocks! but it is discontinued.

Arion and Octane look good, but are a bit expensive


Thanks for your advise!


the ex-Designer.

Hypershot is not dead. Bunkspeed ran into some licensing problems for their core engine and have rebranded the product. It is now called “Shot” and if it isn’t released yet, it will be shortly.

Hypershot got split into two over some IP issue. There’s Shot and then there’s KeyShot.

thanks for the prompt reply,
Shot & KeyShot look good, but are bit expensive…
any cheaper/free stuff around there?



You get what you pay for.