Hygienic toilet brush & brush & plunger holder?

Alright, I’m redoing my bathroom and looking for the most hygienic toilet brush on the market, and a holder for both my toilet brush and plunger. I get weird about sanitary concerns about having these items in my bathroom. Preferably the holder has a slot for both the brush and the plunger, so I don’t have to have 2 different items like this in my bathroom, making it clunky and whatnot. I’m looking for something I guess possibly antibacterial because my objective here is that when these items are not in use, all I can think about is these items accumulating bacteria from their previous uses, and I’d like to solve that. Sure, it may be a bit ocd but it is what it is and if it makes me feel better I will invest. My only concern with the antibacterial idea however, is the idea of causing antibiotic resistance. So I’m looking for a product that can do what I’d like it to do, while also not causing problems in the future and not leaving myself or my bathroom any more susceptible to germs and viruses.

If bacteria and filth accumulation is a concern, then keeping them not in the bathroom is an option, in a utility closet with cleaning supplies for instance. If they are out of sight they don’t need to be pretty either, IKEA has a toilet brush for $1.50.

of course if we are talking design there is only one to consider :slight_smile: