hunt for intern, need some help.

the company i’m with started the department i’m in a few months before i arrived. it’s been a ground-up process and we are staffed by three very experienced furniture industrial designers. i don’t think the company expected this department turn profitable this quickly.

we are swamped and are considering hiring a fourth late this year, early next year. however, i proposed we try to hire an intern for the summer to use it as a test-run for the future hire of a junior designer.

all 3 of us are east coast/midwest trained from schools with steep furniture focus and backgrounds. our other department is stocked with art center grads. our department handles our own engineering, concepts and specs.

what schools on the west coast have decent programs other than art center? specifically furniture. not looking for an intern to fetch coffee, tho there would be some design grunt work involved. at the same time, we won’t provide r&b. we’re near LA so i think we could post ads in schools in the west and get a student local to the area. really want someone clever to hang with the group who is interested in this industry.

looking for suggestions.

if you are a student, DO NOT contact me.

Not to state the obvious (or sound like a shameless plug for C77), but it would probably be worth your company’s time and money to put up an ad on Coroflot for an intern. There’s a lot of young talent on there actively looking for first job/internship opportunities. If you only scout local talent you may miss out on a large chunk of recent grads who are out of the school info loop.

yes, that is obvious to us, however, besides c77 some other schools we should consider would be helpful. we suspect a lot of students are from LA, so perhaps we could use that to our advantage if they are ‘coming home’ for the summer anyway.


Try some of the Sanf Fran school like "

Also Long Beach has a good program.

I forgot, San Jose State:

If you feel like stretching further I’ve noticed that Arizona State University has quite a few Californians in attendance, and probably more who would like to be future Californians.

much appreciated!

what is the name of your company and where are you located? you mentioned near LA…where exactly?

i hope that is not asking too much.

thanks n adv

dammit! i need something cool to do over teh summer, sadly its not in the uk!

I graduated from Arizona State. There are a bunch of recent graduates looking for work, and they know what they are doing! I can try to contact some if you are interested. Send me a PM and I will see what I can do.