Hunt Coffee Tamper

Hi Core crew

I’ve been working on this coffee tamper for a little while now and I have just placed it on pozible Australia’s answer to Kickstater.

Just though I might throw it on here to gauge peoples responses.
This is a 5axis CNC machined coffee tamper. I cant quite put my finger on the reason why but I love it (could be because i designed it) but i would like to see if the feeling towards the tamper go beyond its creator.


Have you ever used a coffee tamper? Looks too tall and not even enough top to apply even pressure. Check out Reg Barber tampers. They are some of the best.


Yeah I work as a barista where i make over 300 coffees a day and I have been using a prototype of this 5 days a week since September 2011 with great results.

Just calling as I see it. Doesn’t look like it would be so great to use. Hard to tell from a photo of course.


Thanks for your feedback. Do they make good coffee in Canada?

They do. And I’m a coffee guy. Have a decent rancillio set up at the studio.


Silvia? she’ll work a treat. Mmmm.
I travelled around the US for ages trying to find a good coffee. Boy-o-boy was it hard to find good espresso.
Australia is the coffee capital of the world!

I don’t use a coffee tamper myself, but the sharp shapes look counter intuitive to something hand held where pressure is exerted downward.

I use a tamper everyday for my coffee. I think your design doesn’t look right as of yet but I can see the direction you want to go. Look at products online that are edgy and try to apply it to your design. Right now the sides that are chipped away don’t balance nicely with the rest of the product

Check this image and also think if you want to apply some other material to it

… 1976, what does a mouse have to do with tamping coffee?

Someone, tell me why any coffee tamper would retail for $75US? Better yet … tell me why anyone would pay that?

As anything else - quality, materials, design. I think the reg barber one I got was around $75 or so but it’s a beauty in fine turned wood, and metal and works great to apply the even and consistent pressure you need to tamp with.


These are $85, but has more to do with the name on it, than anything.

The faceted design style is popular right now, for me it’s one I quite like. For example, Nuforce makes a digital amplifier with beautiful faceted fascia, there was that HTC phone a year or two ago with faceted back.

Isn’t this something better to be co-branded, i.e. part of a Rancillio line?

Some design for manufacturing comments:

An assymetric faceted block could be machined by 3, 4 or 5 axes CNC machine, regardless it will by quite expensive either way: many setups require experienced expensive machinist vs. shop rate for 5 axis CNC machine time on small custom projects is usually a very high hourly rate.

The recessed H internal corner radii can not be machined. Die sink EDM would work. Also, food prep is messy hands on work, any recessed detail will attract and hold dirt.

Sorry guys, it’s lost on me; I don’t see the attraction. But then, I prefer my inherited 100+ year old cast iron stuff to the Le Creuset we were given as wedding presents.

Judging by the plethora of coffee tampers already out there I’m surprised every man, woman, and child on the planet doesn’t have at least two…

Is there a reason to 5 axis machine all those facets on there? Otherwise this could be done on a CNC lathe at about 1/20 the price, and no loss of function. The facets also make the joint where the handle meets the circular base look sloppy.

Are these really costing you $150 to make? You need to shop around more, even for a 5 axis part, that is very high. To make a normal wholesale business case for this, you’d have to retail them for at least $450, which is absurd.

In Australia the very popular pullman coffee tampers range from around $90-$150 so the pricing is not that absurd people do purchase them at this price

In term of this being a viable business start up. This has never been my plan. This is a tamper I made for myself for my own usage but i figured since I’ve set it all up why not offer it as a very limited production run of 60 or something.
For mass production I have other molded handles I’m working on.

Cost of production is high regardless of where it get manufactured china i can save some money but I have a local businesses that I would like to support.

Thanks to everyone for showing interest although critical. Stimulating rethinks is why its posted here.

Thanks again

I’m not talking about sending it to China. Even in 5 axes, this is a simple part that can be done on a little Hass mill with a trunnion. I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t get these made for less than $30 in the US. But if you’re selling them at your cost anyway, then I guess it’s fairly irrelevant what the price is.

I would be stoked to get these done for as low as $30.
I’ll hunt again

Just trying to show how to blend edgy surfaces with round ones

I’d love one of those tampers. Over 100 for a tamper is a little out of my range but if you hit 50 or 60 pull have my order.