Humor in Design.

Hello all.

I am working on an Interdisciplinary Studies graduate degree with a focus in Design and Psychology. My background is in Psychology, so I am especially drawn to the more psychological aspects of design. In particular, I am starting to go into a direction of wondering about humor in design. I have come across many examples of humor conveyed in graphic design, but I am looking for good examples of humor used in industrial and interaction design. Does anyone have any good thoughts on this that can help guide my research (and general curiosity)?



The best example that comes to mind is Fred:

SUCK UK is another decent example:

A few of my favorites that include humor as part of their designs:

Alessi: ALESSI UK: Italian Design Home Accessories, Kitchenware & Gifts – Alessi Spa (UK)


Blu Dot:

I’ll agree with Rklinger - I’ll keep this in mind and see if I can think of anymore

Just came across this which may be of interested to you. Made me laugh anyway

Love it! came to mind. They have a lot of clever little things.

hi, i am starting my dissertation proposal for my next year undergraduate dissertation. i want to focus on humor in graphic design, and i wonder is there any recommendation of books or resources to look upon?