hummel Footwear Designer II job FAQ

I’ve been getting a few inquiries about the hummel Footwear Designer II position now posted on coroflot, and figured most of the people here on the footwear forum are doing the asking.

To avoid more work for me answering the same questions over and over again, I’ve decided to set up this FAQ to answer some of the more common questions.

  1. Is the job based in Denmark?
    A. Yes, as noted, it is here at our HQ in Aarhus, Denmark. A great city to live/work, btw!

  2. The job description lists several responsobilities for design and development. Is it a design or development position?
    A. As we are a very small team, the position does require knowledge and responsibility for both design and development acitivities. As it is listed as a Designer II position, I would say that a good candidate should have a backround in design with development experience rather than only development experience with no design skills.

  3. Travel 30% of the time. Where to?
    A. Mostly asia (China, Taiwan) for development, but also trend forecasting and research trips within Europe (ie. Berlin, London, etc.) and sometimes possible US (New York, LA, etc.), plus anyplace else relevant for design/development.

  4. What kinds of product categories?
    A. All hummel footwear product categories are covered in the responsibility for this position. Football (soccer), Indoor, and lifestyle products.

  5. Do I need shoe industry experience?
    A. Yes, as noted in the job description. It is a level II position, so footwear industry is required. You should be able to hit the ground running in this position, and much of the responibilities are very independent. Extensive internships are also good to contribute to your interest/knowledge, but ultimately a certain level of actual experience is best.

    As I get more questions (feel free to post there here too), I’ll do my best to answer.

Of course, for a good idea of the company, our products and the footwear dept. responsibilities, you can also check my blog, First Pullover,



Hi Richard,

“I will come and work for free”.

Seriously, I would love to be considerd for this job but i dont have the correct outline of credentials & expirience. Maybe my time will come in the future I would really like to work with you guys as i think that you are far cooler than Adi, & Nike and the designing process which you show on your blog is what I would love to have as a job.
Im finding it challenging looking for work, Its not an easy, freelance is ok but i have not factories expirence.
I have this interview in germany tomorrow, and I am so excited.
I will hopefully post my trip up afterwards.

There and back in 1 day is going to be crazy.


Hi Reuben,

Unfortunately, we dont have the resources at the moment to handle any type of interships, paid or otherwise. Being a very small team it is just too difficult to provide the adequete time and resources for training and ensuring such a position is beneficial to both us and the trainee. Perhaps at some time in the future things could change.

Best of luck for your interview tomorrow. For sure let us all know how it goes!


hi Richard!

It´s very interesting that you are offering.

I have 8 years of experience in factories.7 of this years as a internship for a big company.This company worked (i say worked because it´s closed,in spain we have a real problem,we can´t compete with asia´s market) as a comercial for a several brands like:

Lotto Sport Italy: not soccer, summer lines, sandals.

Puma Spain: is diferent than the international,is the same brand but diferent owner and just can sell in spanish market.

Levi´s Strauss: sport footwear.

Colorado: sport footwear.

Diadora: sport footwear and summer lines.

Birkenstock: who don´t know Birkenstock? we made just the summer lines for all sizes,gents,lady and baby.

Betulla: summer lines.

Chicco: baby footwear.

Balducci:baby footwear.

…and a large etcetera.

So, i made every thing in design section,from to get information for create concepts to the end of the sample,and after that from create the sizes,correction of errors in each pattern number,to the final procces of fabrication.

I would like to tell you that the presentations that i made wasn´t in photoshop or Illustrator,i had a very little time to do presentatios,all was by hand and a lot of stress with the service dates.

When you work for a one customer or brand is nice,i also know that marketing team is behind you all time,jeje,you can spend time in develope new styles or shapes,but when you have a lot of customers all changes,and the dates buffff.

Now i´m in London (i´m spanish) improving my english.coming soon i gonna start a course at the London College of Art and Design.

kind regards!

Hi there,

If you are interested in applying, please apply through coroflot or by email to



hi ritchard,i post some fotos of my sketches from my notebook.

i made it in an incorrect place for draw (not on a table with a confortable chair),underground (london) and airports.I travell almost 2 hours per day in metro,so is just a little show of what i´m doing and you can know me a little bit.

sorry by the sizes.

these are better:

and the last one,is a little adaptation of the “cross training” of Tinker for soccer.

kind regards!

and i don´t know what´s wrong with the large of my pictures,the sketches are short of large, changing the dimensions

Hey Billy, what’s the book in the background?

nice work btw

Hi All,

To keep this thread on topic and useful for people looking for information about the posted tite, I would like to recommend to please follow the instructions noted and email your work/application to the address listed.

Please do NOT post your work here. If you are looking for feedback for your work, I would suggest you make a new topic in the footwear forum or post in the project/portfolio forum.



the book is: Sneakers The Complete Complete Collectors Guide.

I´m so sorry Ritchard,i didn´t know.

is this position still open?

we are still accepting application for the position.

check the link to the coroflot post or on the hummel website at


Thanks, :laughing:

I had sent my package but it was too late, just received e-mail with the braking news that you already found somebody for the position. Best of luck to you and the new team member.