The project is the work of one person, Katsuhisa Ito.
Silf-H2 is developed by the company Katsuhisa Ito (Japan) and is the completed version of the prototypes of the series Silf (Silf, Silf-SD, Silf-SD2, Silf-NS, Silf-VF, Silf-VF2, Silf-VF VG, Silf-H1). It is 24.8 cm tall, weighs 730 g and has 20 degrees of freedom (1 for the head, 1 for the waist, 2x3 for the arms and 2x6 for the legs) realized by 20 constant current micro-electric motors.
Despite its small dimensions Silf-H2 can walk, stand on one leg and jump on two legs. It uses 7.2V/2.1Ah, Ni-MH battery located in its chest. The control electronics is gathered almost entirely on one board placed on its back. Silf-H2 walks rather dynamically for its size. There is a small video cam in its head and it uses 8MB Memory Stick thanks to which it can be programmed to perform various movements.

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