Humanitarian Design....

We are the non-profit organisation Humanitarian International Design Organisation and are trying to design and think of concepts to help people in need, people in Third World countries, in order to make their life a bit easier.

There is still so much that needs or can be done to give everyone the access to basic needs.

We are a buch of volunteers (mainly designers). If you feel like you would like to help in any way or if you have any ideas in how to increase the awareness regarding these problems and how to engage more designers, professionals and or students please let us know.

For any ideas or comments you can contact us on:

More info can be found on:

Its great to see someone on the same wavelength. It something I’m planning with a partner for the UK.

We are looking at offering free product design and development for people like Oxfam and NSPCC. We have a lot more work to do before we have something workable, but we plan on calling it “Design for life”

If there is any way I can help you, please ask.

Deejay66, it would be interesting to discuss this further, could you please let us know how we can contact you directly…

You can always send us an email on

Hope to hear from you soon

HIDO, I am very interested with your organisation. It is something I always want to do.

Please let me know how can I help.

Here is my contact email: