Human Rights Logo Contest Entry

Hello all.

I recently (actually, not more than an hour ago) saw a contest to design a logo for Human Rights. I was hit with instant inspiration, and got to work and submitted my idea. I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback. :smiley:

You guys (and gals) can check out my entry here, with explanations on my inspiration and meaning:

You can also check out the other entries on the site, here:

What I like about it is that it is nice, clean and concise.

Maybe to clean though. I had a look through other submissions and I thought that the more successful ones had a sense of ‘human-ess’ to them. Meaning that they had elements of organic form and randomness, which helps connect the beholder to the logo.

Since you have two words merged, Human and Rights, you maybe want to adress both. One of them is soft, empathetic and emotional while the other is straight forward, hard and about laws and rules.
It would be great if you could manage to adress the inherit struggle of human rights, where two opposing elements must work together in order to create a functioning society.

Also a comment would be that the symbol you chose is in fact a letter. Not just a Latin one but also used in the German languages. This might lead to confusion when the logo is applied in a German speaking context.

You’re not the only one to submit something to the contest :stuck_out_tongue: