Human Model

Where can one get a model of a human figure? For Rhino and/or Solidworks?

There are some very basic, rudimentary ones at

cadmonkey says…try Poser…

That’s an oft-asked question. Good human models are difficult to make. I’ve considered making/selling them. Chances are they’d just get pirated so there’s not much incentive . And not much available. Usually people seem to just use a Poser model as suggested.

Know this is an old post, but I was searching for the same thing and found some good ones over at Maybe it will help others who were searching like me. Good price as well for the figures, and the quality was good on the one I bought.

Direct Link Solidworks Human 3D Models and Textures | is also another great site, especially for architectural or interior design stuff. Huge collections of furniture. Best part is that all of it is completely free. The biggest collection of free 3D models I’ve found on the net so far.

What are you going to use it for?

If it’s just for a general rendering or illustration in a model, Poser or a model off the web would be fine

If it’s to simulate ergonomics, human factors, or actual human fit to a design, you want something more accurate. Jack3d is amazing for this kind of stuff - you can articulate a 3d human model down to the fingers (for testing controls), or to see if most people can fit into a seat or tight space, or what a majority of people can see from a seat. Models are expensive but very accurate, moving parts are limited by the human range of motion, plus you can switch between the different percentiles of people or bulkiness of clothing quickly.

I saw it used when I was doing some ID work on cockpits and vehicle interiors. Sure you have a scale model fabricated to test your interiors, but with Jack, you could make the expensive full-scale model much more ergonomic from the start. Interestingly, they’ve been using this (archaic) software for 20+ years and their mannequins were constantly updated - people are getting taller and bigger…

@Travisimo : Thanks for sharing detail about Jack3d, can you give the link for website?

If you are looking for buying fews…then there are few excellent collections @ DOSCH DESIGN - 3D models, 3D scenes, textures, HDRI, High Dynamic Range Images, 2D viz-images
Go to the human/people category…
OR just google for free 3d human models with desired format…


No Prob

This is hardcore Human Factors software though, not as good for renderings…

Thanks, Travisimo.