Human Head Model

I am currently designing a piece of headgear and I am trying to find a reasonably realistic human head model that I can use as a reference. I would rather not get a mannikin head because they are not even close to anatomically correct. I have tried medical supply places but all their heads come apart into 5 different pieces so that the brain, eyes, etc. can be removed. Anyone have suggestions on where I could get an anatomically correct head model?


who knows, cast your own head.

Trust me, I have thought of casting my own head. But at this point, the time and expense, plus the royal pain in the ass are probably going to be too much…

What a great question!

Ski goggles, helmets, sunglasses, safety respirators, etc are all items that could have used actual an actual head model.

One of the most forgotten attributes is that skin covering different parts of the skull flexes differently.

hope you find your model.

maybe you can get a head off of ebay? ( that doesn’t sound right…)

other ideas:

  • art store

  • halloween store/ maybe they have a mask or something close to a face and then you just have to fill it…?

  • tried google? find anything?


I remember Mythbusters made a molded head to test the penny thrown off the top of a building myth.

a human skull was supported in a mold and a pliable balistics agent was poured around the skull.

Maybe you could email the mythbusters show and ask where they sourced the head mold. It was two sided (right + left) and clear.

On the show it didn’t seem like that big of a pain.