Human Factors Specialist salary range?

What is the salary range for human factors specialists at big firms like ideo?

A 1985 salary survey (Sanders, Curran, & Beid, 1986) of HFES members indicated that the salary distribution for people holding a Master’s was $28K (10th percentile) to $60K (90th percentile), with a mean of $41.3K. Similarly, a 1993 survey (Sanders, 1993) reported a distribution of $39.9K to $83.7K with a mean of $52K. In the 1993 survey, a linear equation was generated using salary as the criterion and years since degree as the predictor as follows:

Master’s Salary = $44,839 + $1,482 (years since master’s) has no destinct answer for HF or ID… good for you b/c if you do your homework the HR peeps at your Co. won’t know how to rebut your evidence . BOL

So today’s (2004) mean would be $61,141??? with the range approx. $45k to 100k?

Does that sound about right?

Does anyone know where to find this online so I don’t have to order it: