Human Factors/Ergonomics Resources???

Can anyone recommend a website or book that has tabulated human factors, ergonomic, or bio-mechanical data? Something that is detailed by statistical percentiles would be absolutely amazing. It seems like most of the data that I compile is derived from database searches of various Journal articles; this process takes hours upon hours of research. I have to believe that there is a more concrete resource that I could just refer to for seemingly obvious measurements.

Currently, I am becoming frustrated in my search for something that has a focus on hand/grip strength and abilities. (feel free to offer helpful advice here)

I know that I am asking for the world, but I was just wondering if anyone has found a good resource that is worth sharing! Thanks!

I’ve been compiling a list of free online data sources for ergonomics over the past year at the IDSA Human Factors blog -

One of the links is specific to hand strength/drip information. Let me know if you know of or find anything useful for me to add to the blog.

An overview of human body dimensions (with percentiles) can be found at:

Here you can easily find anthropometric data of adults, children and the elderly.