Human centred Design at Apple

oh dear : (from notcot)
I’d like to know if the magic mouse ergo-fail is a as a result of technical limitations in that rounded conductive top, or poor consideration for the end users.

It’s the last in a long series of ergonomic or usability problems from Apple. Bill Buxton theorizes this is due to the ID-led approach at Apple. They push the aesthetic boundaries at the neglect of the other aspects. Sometimes, this approach leads to new & positive ways of doing things (ie, the click-wheel of the iPod). Sometimes it leads to big fails, like the round iMac mouse and the new Magic Mouse.

That round mouse was the worst!!!
Picture 1.png

I used my round mouse till it died… I loved it, but I know I’m the minority. Never had any problems with it… I don’t seem to have a problem with the MM either. But then again, I’m Italian, we are know to wear shoes that hurt, and drive cars that don’t fit anything just for the joy of it.

I think the issue is that most people tend to prefer the palm grip for mice, where as this mouse, and many smaller ones, are designed for the pinch style grip? Correct me if I’m wrong.

I guess I’m a mouse pincher?

To be fair, probably most of it is they just wanted a small sexy shape. :smiley: But the pinch thing is true.

Interesting point about grip preference, pinch vs. palm (…& resisting the urge to make smutty comment :slight_smile: )

I guess it’s not an issue for most mouse manufacturers as they tend to have a wide range of shapes to suit all… If not, the buyer just moves on to their competitors, no love lost. Apple’s situation is unique as they’ve built their reputation on the idea that their products are the closest to perfection.
They unfortunately line themselves up for being shot at - luckily for them, they get it right enough of the time that this doesn’t happen too often. I wonder how many of these ‘fixes’ they’ll sell.

I didn’t find the round mouse uncomfortable, but it was kind of omnidirectional - up could be left if you were holding it wrong.

About that mouse.

Its form, silhouette, construction, and technology is beautiful.

It sits on my table as an object when I don’t use it, like when Im watching video’s. I sort through the web, photos, itunes with it using that two finger stroke.

Then I switch to a meaty, ugly, over designed, double injected, toothbrush inspired two button mouse with a real scroll wheel that physically clicks to build 3D models in software that only runs on Windows cause its a tool that works.

I think if I didn’t have to open up a 3D model or throw down in photoshop then I would be perfectly fine with what is a probably miscalled a mouse.

Your other mouse sounds great! if it’s that bad can you post a photo? :smiley:

Like trendsetting but unwearable catwalk fashion, I guess the magic mouse technology will eventually be launched in a 100 different sizes and shapes to fit everyone, but will have lost a lot of the gorgeousness.

I’m a mouse pincher, too (Thumb and ring finger grip with my palm floating above). But, I have huge hands so little mice get lost under my bear claws. That’s the only reason I prefer a larger mouse, but I haven’t gotten to try the magic mouse yet. It sounds like it might be awesome.

Tis is a good point, there are multiple functions for mice now. MY magic mouse controls a mac mini that is connected to my TV, so it sits on my coffee table ALL THE TIME. It has to be beautiful, or it would be tucked away, and not readily accessible. For “work” on my desk top, I have the fatter Apple mighty mouse, still pretty. But it has that annoying thing where when you pinch it, it pulls up all your open windows, and as a “pincher” it is tiresome, though I’ve adapted to a more rearward pinch.

I had that issue when I first started using the mighty mouse, interestingly I’ve also adopted a slightly less ferocious ‘pinch’ though occasionally my windows do all whizz away during those tense photoshopping moments! More irritating is the inability to clean around the scroll ball, which constantly jams up as a result. Soon I may have to resort to the terrifying prospect of pulling the thing apart to clean it out. Still the best mouse for me though, I love the 360 scrolling (when it works) - in the office I still try and scroll sideways when using a standard scroll wheel Microsoft mouse and that drives me nuts.

There are a couple of easy ways to clean the scroll wheel. The easiest is to take a strip of scotch tape, make an inverted roll (stickyside out) and roll it over the ball for a bit, making sure to get every surface throughly, this usually works well for me… I’ve also developed a less Vulcan like pinch… I’d rather just have a product I love, and adjust to it a bit, instead of having a product that is “designer perfectly for me” that I loathe to own.

I find that works to a point but I fear that my poor mouse is beyond that now and is due a full service :open_mouth: . Mind you, it’s better advice than Apple’s ‘hold the mouse upside-down and roll the ball vigorously while cleaning it’ which I can honestly say doesn’t help at all!

How about the new earbuds? The old half-sphere ones fit my ears pretty well. Especially with the foam covers. The new funnel shaped ones pop out of my ears every three seconds. I have to walk like a zombie to keep them in. I can barely even keep them in when sitting down.
Anyone else? Or is it just my cans?
I seriously hate them so much, but I’m totally dependent on them because the earpiece speaker broke on my phone.
Which brings me to another point: If you don’t buy a case for your iPhone, expect it to last about 6 months.

yeah, that didn’t do jack for me either…

I find none of the in ear buds really work for me… especially wen jogging. I know my gait has the impact of an elephant, but I don’t think it is to much to ask to have the ear piece stay in. I haven’t tried the apple ones though I’ve had two sets of sony ones. I did get a replacement set for my iPhone, but it was the older sphere ones, maybe they have a few left with the iPhone controls on them?

On the phone durability, I have a gen 1 iPhone, never had a case (I don’t believe in them… nor auto bras). My iPhone has taken a few hard falls, has one dent, and a few scratches but still works perfectly 3+ years in.

Never got the earbuds for the iphone (got it 2nd hand), but i acquired a pair of headphones. They are similar to the normal apple ones, but the chord goes up around the ear. Sounds awkward, but works fantastically well when running, and they come with more sizes of the rubber buds than i know what to do with. I think they have with mic and controller too.

I think ive broken more apple airbuds than i care to remember, and started sending them back to apple to get new ones every time, out of principle. I got fed up after a while and bought something a bit more long lasting instead.

I have yet to find a pair of headphones that fit or feel comfortable while jogging. I have given up on music when running. Apple earbuds included, I dont hold that against them as I have not heard or seen Apple say they would stay in while jogging.