Huarache Rendering

This is just a quick designed I banged out inbetween all this school work…I know at first this color will make you think of the ZLIV…

Man that is nice!! it doesn’t remind me of the ZL 4 but it looks kinda 2K4 which is good. you got nice stuff going on in your design, would be nice to try to make the ankle opening line structure shape more fluide and unique.

I love designing huarache shoe, i think they have a very modern and unusual look, so keep going on that one it will be hot when you are done. :slight_smile:

good for you man-
getting that school work done and some footwear sketching! surprised wasn’t on the back of some history handout.

when you were sketching it, anything in mind about cushion, fit, flexibility, weight, ankle support, etc? would be down here more about your thoughts behind the drawing.

think is good your sketching with blockings in mind. are there more ways it could be color blocked? is a way I sketch an seen others sketch this way an can be helpful, gives you that 15ft read. YO has some great examples on his website.

be well


it looks like a hybrid between the lbj iv & z2k4, with all the notches and the ankle cut-out maybe remixing those elements will make more separation?