huarache new Design need some feedbacks

Just made a new one looking at the old one, i just went really simple on this one. I need some feedbacks before i can invest time on the overall design( Outsole, top view, front view…)
Just wanna make sure that everything is ok before i start designing the other parts of the shoe and bring more details.



I know you from the KG site. Glad to see you are still working at it. I have to say I really like this design. It is a lot better than your first one, IMO. I like a more free flowing organic design compared to a blocked boxy geometric one. I haven’t posted on here in a while but your design really sparked me to. The first thing I thought was, “Man, I would wear these!” I would only make a few changes, mostly minor ones. I like the larger version much better. I don’t like the large Nike check on the smaller one. I think it detracts from the design, and I think it is what Ryan Holler was talking about for the freestyle competition when he said it would be interesting to see a design that spoke for itself, one with no logos, just a great design. I would make it a small one in the black on the heel, but in the came cream color. I also don’t get the notch under the second lace eyelet. I can’t tell if it is the angle, length or what, but something about it bothers me. Maybe if it was a little shorter and angled back a bit more. And I don’t know about there being just the one lace that is on the outside and all the rest on the inside. But that’s just me. Also, I would start the tongue opening at the second lace eyelet and delete the first one, to move it back a bit. It looks like the first lace would be directly over your toe joints. I would also love to know more about what is going on with the strap. What it looks like on the other side. Is it hidden or in plain sight? Also explain a little more about the “vent holes” on the side of the shoe. If that’s what they are, I like them. I would like to see the tongue as a bootie though, to black out the vent hole on the back side. The toe box looks a little pinched in proportion to the mid-sole of the toe, which maybe slightly too thick. I would thin it up just a little. I really like the patterning on the mid-sole. It reminds me of a Nike Free type pattern. I would like to see the bottom sole black though, but once again that’s just my opinion. And as my opinion goes, yes continue with this design. I think you are on the right track and would love to see it taken further. Great job! Can’t wait to see more!


Thanks Paul, I used to go on KG but they kicked me out so here is where i can learn now :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comments it really help to see what are the area that need a revision. The notch at the front next to the second eyelet was something i made up because i was so tired and i didnt want to go back and redraw the upper :confused: I will work on what you said especially the strap…i have no idea how it’s going to look like :frowning:

Thank you Paul

much better then the first one.
a few tips:

  • i look at this as a super edited design ( you got rid of allt he gimmicks), while you take this project to the next level don’t over design it nor over detail it. let the design, shape and form speak

  • is that an air ven in the midfoot? what’s the function of that piece?

  • how about doing something that will make the peaople wonder if you’re crazzy?
    no swoosh, just a kobe logo?

  • tip / vamp… make it clean but find an iconic line

-imagine this shoe being retailed at 500$… what materials, technology, construction would you use… how exposed or in your face would the technology / design be?

Very nice rendering and interesting design. I can certainly see the Hurache heritage in it, and also feel the modern aesthetic and refined approach that is almost automotive in style.

I would be interested to see more of your thoughts on construction. is there an inner booties like the Hurache 2K4? how does the lacing work? it looks also like there is some sort of strap at the top? how does that work.

Youve got a very nicely developed formal approach to line and pattern, if you can put that together with the construction and material sensibility, youve got something prety hot.

I also do agree on the point about the swoosh placement though. seems to traditional for your very modern shoe. perhaps something more unique like a placement on the vamp like the nike free runners would work and wouldnt conflict so much with your angles and lines on the clean quarter panel.

would be nice to see a top and outsole too…