Huarache H24

This is what i came up with after a couple of sketches and researches on the Huarache and after all the feedbacks that i received yesterday and today. I for the most part wanted to keep the feeling of all the huarache that have been done lately by nike. I really like the sole of the 2k4 it’s one of my favorite, and i wanted to keep that feeling. That’s what i tried to do on my second design ( the one i posted today) but…there was a couple of parts that did’nt work. So After all the feebacks i went back and redesign it.This time i think i’m on the right track but if no please let me know so that i can go back to work on it.
(Thank you all for your time and feedbacks)



Hey man. I love the new revision. Great progress! I am sending you an image of your design with some adjustments that may need to be made. Please forgive the quality. I am using a basic art program at work to produce the image and didn’t really want to spend that much time on it. The main revision to pay attention to is the proportions. The others are just minor ideas.

Paul Boucher

Karabo >>

Loving the new design. Awesome, It might be a touch sleeker than it would be in real life, but it looks hot. I would not change it!!!

That template I did is a little chunky, I should revise it a bit.

I agree that the bottom surface of the vent fights with top line of the midsole a bit, good call out DP, but still your good. I think you are fine with the exposed heel counter with the subtle SWOOSH.

nice work.
i like the slikness!
would stress the lines until you came up with something a bit less expected.

I must disagree with your suggestions, your lines seams to take this way far from reality. the current design is more realistic ( even tough it can get better)
some of your comments are personal prefferences, don’t let it influence the feedback you give… you don’t want executors to work with you but great designers!


DD - Yes some of my opinions are just personal preference, like the mesh compared to the holes, but it is also good to try different things, and it may have been something that he might not have thought about. But my personal prefernece comes from performance standpoint, where I feel that mesh allows for more ventilation than perforated leather. Also, stating that the vent shape conflicts with the arc of the midsole is not a personal preference, but a design critique. And the proporitons them self came from Michael DiTullo, even though he said that it was a little chuncky, I still feel that the toe box is too flat, not a personal opinion, but once again a design critique.

Also, I don’t think that you should take opinion out of design critiques, because things left unsaid will never be considered and you may miss out on something you might have never thought about. I also think that it allows you to sometimes step back from an analytical designer and let yourself think as a consumer giving you both points of view. But once again this is just my opinion.


tried to draw in perspective…it might be wrong but i wanted to show you how the shoe will look like :frowning:

Here are the sketches and marker rendering :wink:

These are really nice…I like the midsole of the old version better though. It looks really advanced and futuristic. This one looks a lot like the H2K4 Midsole.
Like other have said that vent should flow with the midsole…but stil, awesome job!

Nice to see the process work. Something so many young designers forget in their portfolio. Almost more important than the final rendering IMHO.

As I said in the other post, I like the design alot.

I could even see it being more brought into the future/clean modern style with maybe a forefoot double lasted construction or something “special” with the midsole. I like the sculpted design, but as someone else mentioned, looks a little too much like other shoes either past Huraches or Nike Frees. Maybe with part double lasted, or even a partial TPU airbag midsole a la 360 or 180 might give it some tech while keeping the minimal appraoch.

The biggest difficulty I have found in my own experience with designing clean, modern shoes, is walkign the line between “minimalism” and “boring-ism”. Often it is down to the details and materials, but all too often I have seen designs lack the oomph that is shown in a nice, energetic sketch like yours. Sometimes being a good sketcher can work against you.

That being said, you have a really nice pattern and lines working on yoru upper. With the right subtle details and tweaked material spec, you have something very nice indeed!.


very dope sir! a few other details would really make this concept shine even more

I could even see it being more brought into the future/clean modern style with maybe a forefoot double lasted construction

che? please explain for the not so initiated…

double lasted construction is where the inner lining of the upper is lasted to the insole board (by strobel construction) first.

Then the midsole (CM EVA) is cemented in place to the bottom of the insole board, and the outer layers of the upper are lasted over it.

This way, the upper material covers the midsole, so from the sideview it is not visible.

Its commonly used in lots of shoes now, but was first used in basketball shoes I believe.

Half double-lasted is where only the forefoot area is lasted over the midsole, and the midsole is still visible in the heel area.

here’s an example of a fully double lasted construction (note the midsole isnt visible at all)-

here’s an example of a half (forefoot only) double lasted construction (note the midsole is only visible in the heel area)-

half double lasted construction can either be done with one midsole part that is overlasted in the forefoot, or two different parts for the forefoot and heel area, depending on the construction.

hope this is clear. its one of those things that is kinda hard to explain in words. if need be, i can probably dig up some tech drawings or other pics to help.


thanks, it makes perfect sense. very clear!