HTML rollover

Hi, I’m trying to create a website and I’ve come accross a problem. I want to have the image below on my page and when a user moves their mouse over a subject ie photoshop it changes colour.I could do this with a rollover but some subjects such as 3D modeling and project work appear on the same line. Is this possible just using HTML, any ideas?


Have you considered an imagemap?

sorry, you’ve lost me already. i don’t know what a mage map is, Only just started learning html to create a website. Thanks for replying, gone for an alternative design now.

You can embed the font that you are using for the graphic and just type out the text, then using the a:hover line in your CSS you can assign a hover or rollover color to the link. To get some letters on a new line just use the break tag
in the middle of the text.

Other than that you could create this in flash and embed the font there. Those are probably the best options.

I would honestly go to a local bookstore and get yourself a book on CSS and DHTML (dynamic html ). I’ve been teaching myself HTML, Flash Actionscript, Etc for over six years now and this can be difficult to explain in a forum.