HTC - visual trickery

Does anyone know how the visual trickery on this HTC phone is done? My guess is some kind of printing in various colors or maybe textures. Anyone seen one in person?

It’s not printing nor texture. It’s facet surfaces.

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How can the surfaces be faceted and the back be flat at the same time? Look at the two pictures again.

no, they are faceted and you can see it a bit in the side photo. the photo in perspective just has really good lighting to highlight the different facets im pretty sure.


That makes more sense.

the side view image looks like it has a halo… which is making it look like some photoshop work. If this were a visual trick, could it be a mold texture in a pattern that appears how it does at the right angle??

How can the surfaces be faceted and the back be flat at the same time? Look at the two pictures again.

I think…it is faceted one…
just imagine blue line indicated are in a horizontal plane …
thus…in side view …it will create feel of a flat plane.

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A friend of a friend worked on this stuff…it was done by One & Co. I’m nearly positive that not only is the phone actually faceted (not a visual trick) but that all the images on the website are really great renderings (not photos) that have been merged with great hand photography (where applicable).

They look like renders or highly photoshoped photos to me. The pictures are just too perfect to be real.

As for the facets, I’m still confused. I can see that there may be a horizontal line formed by the edges. I buy that. However, how do the sides end up flush as well? Some of the facets must be raised above the surface or sunk into for this to work…more thought is required.

OK, I can’t believe someone hasn’t seen this phone in person with the amount of videos on youtube! Anyways…

Youtube videos of the phone:

Looking at the phone as it rotates near the end it does look faceted. However, I think the surfaces aren’t planar, and that would explain how everything lines up on the edges but maintains that planar line in the side photos.

Am I still seeing things?

The facets protrude down from the outsides so that from a side profile, you only see the outer edge rather than the facets.

The side edges are higher and the facets are lower than the side edges. From the side view picture you can see on the top or left side that there is a slight angle very little but you can just see it.

So, just got one in the office:

The back is painted plastic, so you can see the paint welling at the edges of the facets.

The depth of the facets is very slight, maybe only 0.25mm, which is all taken out of the material thickness of the battery cover.

The marketing photos are probably complete renderings.

In the pub photos, the facets look very clearly defined. If they are so shallow, is the effect a lot less in real life?

Not really. Since each face is flat, the light catches and shades each face differently. If the faces were bigger, this wouldn’t work as well.

I think the paint is also helping. If it was a true high gloss back, (IML or something similar) you would see reflections of the room, so the paint adds some dullness that difuses the light.

Those are murky photos of the side to be sure. Does anyone think that it might be a faceted b-side. A clear smooth part with a faceted interior?

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