HP's biodegradeable printer

friend passed this on. pretty cool. wish i knew more. anyone got technical links? this looks like an SLA to me.

article is on Wired.com. has more pictures. Rick Griffinish art was fun to look at.

Kind of funny, the hidden message…

“Here at HP we acknowledge that your $125 printer is a disposable item only good for a year or 2, if by some chance you do manage to keep it running longer than that we will discontinue it’s ink cartridges. But now you don’t have to worry… its biodegradable”

look we made a printer case out of corn…look how green we’re!

Meanwhile the leftover ink in the ink cartridges leaks into the ground water…

They’d have so much more environmental impact if they developed biodegradable ink or at least a less toxic ink.

I found this though: Burgett, the Alameda computer-recycling advocate, would also like to see HP create inks that aren’t toxic or don’t involve the use of toxic chemicals in their creation. HP officials say they have looked at soy ink but have yet to deploy it.

ink aside, how was this fabricated? anyone know?

Printer I dont know , but what about paper…I know its recyclable…but it just occured to me…if they make soy ink…and maybe soy paper…add a little salt…and then you can cut out the middle man and have yourself an ink and paper sandwich