How's the Design Scene in Southern California?

I’m seriously thinking of relocating from San Francisco to Southern California more specifically San Diego and wanted to know how’s the design scene for Product Designers? Is there more opportunities for Freelancers or Corporate work?


I’m hiring in SD right now: job details -- error encountered
… But specifically looking for Interaction Design (although I find that the best tend to come from an ID background.)

The scene is extremely small. SD doesn’t even have an IDSA chapter–we’re stuck with the LA scene for now. I’m anticipating relocating the right candidates as a result (likewise I’m transplanted from Chicago.)

That said, it’s a fantastic city… I would expect the design scene to take off.

The biggest industries are wireless and biotech.

For ID, the corporate opps seem to be:
Numerous bio-tech’s with HW products
Sony USA
Qualcomm et. al.
And probably a bunch of surfwear mfr’s like SPY OPTIC

You forgot abuot Kyocera Wireless…Actually thought was pretty confident that I had a job there too but it fell through. Nonetheless I want to give SoCal a try.

I sent you a PM CG.