How would you make this?

With Halloween around the corner, I just wanted some different opinions on how to make this costume.

How about using Sonotubes for the cylindrical structures. You can get them at Home Depot in the concrete section.

Haha thats pretty awesome. Except the fact that you can’t drink with the lego head on.

Any cardboard tube or maybe even a cheap (new) plastic waste basket for the main tube of the head then something small (coffee can?) for the top lump. Probably want some type of hat or helmet inside so that it sits at the right height and rests on your head otherwise it probably won’t stay on or in position.

Tape and cardboard and some thin gloves for the hands and a box for the body.

Making what you see there in the picture shouldn’t be too hard for an ID… I think you should really try to make it something unique though

When I was in school, a friend made an amazing costume of a giant troll… he was nearly 10 foot tall. He showed up at an event with ILM modelmakers and because of that costume, he landed a job at Industrial Light and Magic. I’ve seen his name the credits of amazing movies in the last 15 year… Star wars, Terminator, Star Trek, Pirates of Caribean, and on and on

You never know what will capture people’s attention