How would you classify SUCK UK?

Hi, looking for a good place to intern in the fall and I need help in refining my area of interest.

If you don’t already know about Suck UK, go check them out:

I’m looking for other companies that design similar types of products. I’m not sure what to classify this type of design as. They seem to be making sort of whimsical, funny, ironic, culturally referenced, household goods and accessories.

Anyways, my portfolio has several things related to this type of genre, and I’d love to work for a company that does this kind of stuff.

If anyone has any suggestions on companies or brands similar to Suck UK, please let me know.

Some other places I already looked up are: Fred and Friends, black+blum, propaganda, droog, innermost.

A lot of these places are in europe or thailand (propaganda). I live in L.A. but wouldn’t mind goin to other places in the U.S…

Oh, on a side note, it might not be a bad idea to have a thread which categorizes brands or companies based on their styles rather than the type of product they sell. Just an idea…

I think SuckUK are a kind of ‘one-liner’ type of ‘design’ company. It’s a really commercial way of designing, simple designs with single material/process products. I’d compare them to Mathmos (lighting company) in terms of being quite cheap and novelty.

You’ve already said some companies I would’ve suggested- maybe also look at Joseph Joseph as they’re slightly similar. Actually, have a look at the Conran Shop website ( and go to the shop link, they sell a lot of those type of products.

suck uk is very commercial,

i went to do an internship with them (unpaid and in london = me not doing the internship) and i loved what i saw. the environment which they worked in is very very cool, has a calm, considered approach to what ideas they generate.

a lot of the stuff conran sells (habiat as well nowadays) suck designs (more specifically sam and his lust for evil furniture)