How well can you trace on a wacom 9x12 Intuos2?

I want to get a wacom intuos2 9x12 but only if the results are great when you trace.

Map area: Can you trace a drawing that takes up an entire sheet of standard computer paper? Quality of trace: And 2nd of all I hear the intuos’ are great at sensativity but because you trace differently than you sketch, are the results still jagged even with practice? I currently have a 4x5 itching to go larger.

Thanks for any help!

First question is why trace on the tablet when you can just scan the image and run it through Adobe Streamline to get the exact results?

Yes the map area is slightly larger than a standard 8.5x11, about 3/4"(total) on the sides and 1/4" on the top–to make room for the hot spot buttons.

if you are tracing, you can use “snap to” hotkeys (click-shift-click) in photoshop and illustrator to give you straight hard lines from point to point. but if you are going by hand, adjust sensetivity of the tracking and set the pressure sensativity to a constant, or turn it off. but see above for the best way to trace.