How Was Your Day At Work Honey?

I have a Product Design degree and a small amount of experience in the field but I currently work as a CG Modeler and Animator. I constantly find myself torn between where my passion is … art or design. It means I can’t focus on one field as much as I want to. It was really the aesthetical side that drew me into ID … and the dream of inventing something revolutionary and making a lot of money :smiley:. Whilst I love 3D and graphics, there’s many a time when I see a beautiful product and think to myself … I’d love to design that. It’s the beauty of the form that draws me to it, not so much the working of it; apart from cases of very clever design.

Do many IDers (at different levels) get to spend most of their time on the aesthetical side of design? I’m interested in knowing what your typical day as a Product Designer involves and how much of your day is spent doing it? It would be good to hear from the entry level designers too as it would differ from the higher end work.

I largely work on the aesthetic side for my clients and more of the mechanical side with internal product development.

If you know 3D graphics, animation, and aesthetics keep an eye on product design for games and virtual platforms or augmented reality.

That’s pretty cool. It’s the surface aesthetics of products that interest me but I found when doing my degree that we focused very little on that. Instead we focused on the research, stats and the engineering side of the product, amongst others. So what’s involved in most product design positions? And are there product design positions that focus mainly on form and aesthetics - if so, which?

Was your program an Industrial Design program or more of an ME based product design program?

Hi Yo. Yeah it was a BSc in Product Design. I wasn’t aware at the time that there were different types of Product Design degree. Our projects involved covering all aspects of the design (with weighting), including electronics/engineering, so I usually felt that I couldn’t focus on a certain area of design. Aesthetics wasn’t really focused on. I’m actually not sure what it entails to purely be a Product Designer.

I felt really passionate and creative about the subject when I started and ended up with a high degree but little desire left. My impression of it being artistic/creative had gone so I moved into the CG industry. I’m having 2nd thoughts though - maybe my course wasn’t a good representation.

Which is more sought after designers with a MSC or an MA? Which makes more money?