How was this rattan chair constructed?


Can someone give me ideas how this rattan chair was constructed?

There is no close weave like on other rattan chairs/

just shoot Patricia an email :wink:

If you are in the New York area, you could swing by the B&B Italia store, they have a few of them.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how they made it. I like em.

Unfortunately i am in Michigan.
nothing here…
do you mind going to the store and taking a look(and a few pics) for me?
you will learn something too.


what part of MI are you in? I’m in Grand Rapids.

According to the B&B Italia website, it is a powder-coated aluminum frame wrapped/woven with “polyethylene rope”. I don’t see a rattan version (?) but this is what is commonly referred to as “synthetic wicker.”

You could do the same thing with real rattan/wicker, but it would require the same metal frame. Rattan is not terribly rigid on its own, which is why you rarely see it used as single-pole structural component in diameters less than ~1.25", and even that’s a bit flimsy for something like this.