How to watch BBC from outside the UK

I’ll share my success in watching live UK television from outside the UK.

Really simple to set up. This web site has the instructions.

I did virus and spyware/ malware checks on the .exe file you need to make it work, and I couldn’t find anything bad about the the streaming website ( on the internet. It’s working for me (in Australia) but I can’t be sure it isn’t 100% legit or legal, so install at your own risk.

It looks like it is streaming from something like a digital set-top box or something. BBC 2 for a while was just teletext then went back to live TV- with the ads and all.

I wanted to work out how to watch “The Genius of Design” on the iPlayer, but the instructions (involving tor, firefox, a proxy program) were just ridiculous, and still it didn’t work. If anyone knows how to set that up I’d be grateful if they posted instructions.