How to use a little table concept to develope a speaker?

How to use a little table concept to develope a speaker and it is not a talbe.
thanks for help

Not sure what the question is here? Do you have an example or sketch of what you are trying to do?

it is my work,but my teacher say it is not like a speaker,it is a litter table
I don’t have any idea to modify it.

What is the project to develope a table or a speaker? Why can’t it be both?

My project is to develope a speaker.

Read this before designing a speaker:

Too many designers make something that looks nice but sounds like poop. Speakers are not just a random shape a random size with a driver installed in it. There are many tricks to make something sound better.


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I may have your description wrong, but I am assuming that you basically need to make this table play sound right?

Depending on how mechanical you want to get, there are several ways to go about this. Personally, I think you should ideate on the table, as it could be much more interesting. The tall grey area could become a ‘cone’ by creating a way to float it (surface area like that would only require a short xmax for decent frequency reproduction) and hook it to a servo driven motor. Easier way to do it would be to create a transmission line out of the internal space. You would be surprised what a small driver can reproduce (check out the silverline preludes).

i think its a good idea but a wrong shape, it look like something from the 60’s recomendo you to take a look at and specially to the technology stuffs in those pages

i think it’s a cool idea too but there are probably too things i would change to make it both “modern” and consistent.

  1. the use of wood makes it seem dated. try rendering it in stainless steel or even transparent plastic, colored or white.

  2. get rid of the shelf. it feels like an extra piece just stuck on there. you can use the same principle you are using with that shelf by just extending the top part of your speaker. because it can directly access the internal speaker wiring, that would be a perfect place for an mp3 dock.

  3. i would also thin the thickness of it as well, also adding to it’s “dated” look. play around with putting some curved edges on it to make it a bit more sleek and up-to-date.

I’d use the glass writing surface as a speaker itself.