How to turn black line work into white?


I wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in “software and tech” thread but here goes:

I really admire the look of white line work (from a scanned drawing) on a colored background. It just looks awesome. Anyone know how to achieve this in Photoshop? I tried googling Photoshop related forums, to no avail. Thanks!

Invert the image and then add a new layer behind it that’s colored. Set the inverted linework to a transparency of “screen” or “overlay”

Step by step version…

  1. Take your sketches, put them in Photoshop.
  2. Hit Ctrl+I to Invert the colors (sketches should now be white on black)
  3. At the layers panel, click to make a new Adjustment Layer, and pick Solid Color… (set to the color you want the sketch background to be). Put this adjustment layer beneath your sketches layer.
  4. Set layer blending mode of sketch layer to “screen” and voila


You rock! I was able to replicate it as per your instructions. Thank you!!! I am attaching my results. :slight_smile:


Thanks as well! Just noticed your reply too. Love the community chiming and participation. Gotta love it!