How to talk to Asia

I just wanted to know if there were any books/mag/websites or whatever out there that talk about how to work with Asian manufactures. Something that may talk about do’s and don’ts, best ways to communicate, or just general advice on how to have a successful relationship with your manufacture. Anything like that out there?

I am interest in this too- anyone have any reference?

I recommend two books. One new and one very old:

  • Blunders in International Business (Ricks)


  • The Art of War (Sun Zhu)

I had to read both of them for MBA school. Both of them have some great insights into working with the Orient. They aren’t specific to dealing with manufacturers, but will leave you with a good list of dos and don’ts.

Good luck.

If you want to go beyond talking and understand how we fundamentally think differently the best book is The Geography of Thought

I have both Western and Chinese friends (who have lived in the West) and they all feel this book is very insightful.

You might like to visit whose members hail from asia and can help you if you have any questions you may have about asia. Best of all its in english!