How to start an online design store?

Hello! I would like to know how to start an online design store that carries modern lifestyle homewares and objects from other brands. It has been one of my goals to own a design store that sells objects that I carry or design. It should mainly be modern lifestyle objects and furniture but I’m thinking as a start, maybe I can sell some simple lifestyle objects first.
Formerly Yes is one of the stores that I like a lot (sadly they decided to wind down) and also examples of the goods I would like to carry in my future store. So I am asking how can I approach brands to allow them to let me carry their design and sell it on my online store? Do I have to first purchase the goods and give them the royalty fee? As I don’t have any retail background, any advises I would greatly appreciate it!

I must commend you on your hutzpah.

Have you thought about selling your wares on etsy or other outlets too? What about a crowdfunded project so you get seed money?

If you make your own site, how are you going to drive traffic to it?

As for retailing other people’s stuff, you can become an authorized retailer, just contact the company making the good. Typically, there is no royalty, you just pay a wholesale price. Royalties come into place if you manufacture a designer’s good. Will you be manufacturing or just retailing?

That’s informative. So online retail stores usually purchase the goods in bulk and resell it on their site? I am thinking for a start I would just be retailing goods and I am hoping to manufacture my own stuff in the future.

It is possible to start a design store with combination of strong branding and dedicated customers.

Here is an example : a design store was started in Dublin, Ireland during the last recession :