How to specify white?

How do you specify white color plastic? Pantone? Or?

I was thinking maybe using a chip of plastic from the material supplier but no telling what a contract factory will end up using. Like natural white GE PC…

Any tips on how to spec shades of white would be most appreciated! Inoue no idea other than cool grey PMS???


An obvious, but complex question. What is white? I had same issue with Singapore molder.

As with all distant / off-shore vendor relations, just tell them what you want in your terms. The GE plastic sample is excellent, GE and their representatives work in global markets, so your molder will discuss with them, or other compounder, and come back to you with sample card of their white or sometimes multiple shades: you pick.


pantone plastic chips

or any other plastic standard, just want to make sure (in an ideal world) you are stating with a molded plastic
part and (even more ideally) the same material

Make sure you specify gloss, semi gloss, matte…

I’ve had success sending a physical color chip sample before, especially when a color falls between Pantone colors - they can use it to match their plastic. Or have them send you their own molded color samples chips

The nice white plastic look you may be looking for might have some to do with the type of plastic too

there’s more to it, if you have to hold them to that color or not.
an in-house designer will be getting production samples that don’t look like the correct white. Typically we just tell the vendor that the parts are “too dark and/or too warm” etc. and they revise.
The real problem is white. the human eye percieves relativly tiny color variances in white. and you need a color meter and familiarity with the color metrics system: LabE. pain in the neck.
or you can get a Munsell Color Tolerance Sheet (which costs almost as much as the meter) but is much simpler to use to specify color tolerances…