How to solve the Problem in the concept selection process?

There always some designers cooperate for one project. generating many different concepts. Then which one should be appropriate?
Designers always have different views of the concepts, especially at the style aspect.
Who will make the final decision?

Surely the concept which answers the brief chooses?

In terms of styling, there should be some sort of ‘consumer analysis’ relating to the proposed user of the product which means the user is considered in relation to products which they may already have; so the styling is adapted towards a particular consumer style.

…designers cooperate for one project. generating many different concepts… which one should be appropriate?

I’m picturing two designers creating sketch concepts and then not being able to decide whose designs should go forward.
There are two important factors missing in this picture:

1) a third party, who may know about the project but can offer an outside opinion on what he/she sees (ie. in a design crit). This person doesn’t need to be their senior but does need the skill to offer objective advice on the spot.

2) a set of objectives. Should the product seem sexy /conservative / reliable, etc? A design is a piece of communication -so the designer should be trying to communicate the features and functions that were agreed upon at the outset. If the three designers in the example are just creating random styling explorations, then the problem is not in the filtering but in the briefing.

the answer is: The clients.

Both internal and external. Remember that as a designer you are working under certain constrains that should be stated in the brief. So… you are not designing for yourself and is not a matter of personal taste.

  1. Allow your objectives to choose the best concept.
  2. Include user feedback in your objectives.

Then INFORM your client.