How to Sketch Like an Industrial Designer

Hey everyone! Happy to be here making my first post. It seems like a great community here that share the same interests. I wanted to share with you a video on how to maximize your sketching improvements. Great to be here, let me know what you all think.

Welcome Jimmy.

I really like the setup of your clip and you give some great advice.
… but I am a bit surprised and disappointed that we didn’t get to see you sketch and illustrate your points.

Will you be uploading a more visual guide as well?

What’s up Bepster!

You know, i’m not quite sure how visual I want to get with these videos. This is a new things for me so we’ll see where it goes. If that is something that will improve the videos, i’ll certainly test the waters.

My goal is to take a different path than the typical how-to videos and talk more about the broad topics that improve upon ones career rather than focus specifics.

Thanks a lot for the tip!