I am a graphic designer and would like to learn how to silkscreen. I silkscreened in high school art class, so I have a general idea of how it works. I think I will start off with t-shirts or posters in my basement - I’m not thinking “home buisness”.

I started with a google search - that led mostly to a definition of the process and a lot of information on starting a home business. And amazon book searches pulled a lot of books written 30-40 yrs ago.

I’m hoping someone can direct me to a book or website that offers up-to-date, in-depth information on how the process works and materials I will need.


Screen printing can a pretty hefty job to take on at home. You need to find an ink that will cure without heat, which I do not know of otherwise i would be doing it at home. As far as shirts go, you have to cure the ink on with heat, otherwise if you use regular ink it will wash out. I will ask a professor of mine to see what books might help. But if you have specific questions, please do ask i studied screenprinting as an undergrad.

there are quite a few must haves for screen printing, so i am just wondering how deep you want to get into it, how much money you have for it, and how detailed you need it to be.

I just want to get a general idea and start with the simpliest thing …
then test out the more complicated.

i don’t have any specific projects in mind. I just want to experiment.


here is kinda a DIY site

check these sites out … they have a lot of supplies that is needed.

here is my list for you to start small with

-silk screen fabric
-screen stop (which allows you to mask the parts that you do not want to print)
-screen cleaner (which cleans off the screen stop)
-and some kind of table set up that will hold your screen and allow you to lower it onto the surface you want to print on
-You also have to understand that you want to have a suction system or a tacky surface that will hold the paper/t-shirt down otherwise it will stick to the screen once you push the ink through.

hopefully the site helps …

i will keep looking

A friend of mine had a simple home silkscreening kit that he picked up at Hobby Lobby or somewhere. He made some cool shirts with it, no heat cured ink either. He printed a black and white pattern onto overhead transparency film and used that as a mask for the screen (cured with a regular light bulb). It worked great. Sounds like what you need, if I find it I’ll post again.

I played around with something like this:

and had decent success. If you get some clear acetate, you can print your designs on a laser/inkjet and use computer generated art.

This is the page for screening.

I totally rely on this website for fabric/surface design supplies for dyeing and making stuff- it also sells super-cheap clothes that can sometimes be fashionable that you can dye or print or whatever!

Hope this helps!

i just purchased this dvd the other day, so far its been great