How to search cities for manufacturers

I want to relocate to the Indianapolis area and am trying to find plastic, consumer product manufacturers. I’m just not sure HOW to find them. I only know of Deflecto and I think they already have a designer. Regardless, any suggestions? I have a boat-load of experience with injection-molding and 4 years REAL WORLD experience, so I think landing something won’t be that awful difficult. Just need to find places that make consumer products. There are a few design firms in town, but I’m not really interested in going that route. Rather stay corporate for the time being.


Thomson Consumer Electronics used to have an office in Indy. Other than that for design consultancies and rp houses such as realize are your best bet. Unless you freelance. I was looking into moving there a few years back, (Wifes twin moved there…never sepporate twins!). :cry:
However your experience should open a few more doors than I. I contacted the chamber of commerce for a list of buisnesses in the area. You could also see if they have a buisness development commity.

BTW consultancies arn’t that bad…but then I would never want to work in corporate. No fun knowing you will still have a job next month! :laughing:

Designer…thanks for the suggestion. Didn’t think about the chamber of commerce. As for Thompson, very familiar with their design department, but I believe it was shut down late last year. Then there is Delta across the street, but I don’t see me working there. Would like to, but I’ve tried numerous times to no avail. Seem a little “elitest.” I just want to design good consumer products, not feed my own ego. Alas I digress.

Funny comment about “knowing if I’ll have a job next month.” Corporate is really nice that way. But, the projects are slow and not nearly as cool as what you find at a firm. Take the good with the bad I suppose.

But fair warning to corofloaters…if there’s an opening in Indy any time soon, I own it! ha ha j/k

Happy designing!

don’t limit yourself to indianapolis… there is are a lot of small communities within a fifty mile radius of the circle city; columbus (alot of manufacturers (cummins diesel engine, arvin)), bloomington, kokomo, shelbyville…

check out IDSA’s membership directory in the Indiana chapeter.

besides ya can’t let actually live NEAR each other … fifty+ miles would give you some warning when she coming over.

Farmboy…thanks. Yeah, I went to the IDSA members section (I’m a member as well) and browsed through there. Found a few leads by going to the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. There are certainly some very nice communities near the area as well, such as Noblesville, Zionsville and the always-pricey Fishers/Geist area. Though to live in Fishers, I think I might need to change professions.

Help me out here. What are you talking about here?

“besides ya can’t let actually live NEAR each other … fifty+ miles would give you some warning when she coming over”


I have my sister-in-law on the task of scanning the Indy area for possible contacts, as well as her husband who is the VP of Indies second largest stage sound, and lighting company. He is working for some very large companies PR people for fundraisers and other events, and said he will ask around. I will let you know if anything pups up. Good luck BTW

i should proofread more carefully…

“… besides ya can’t let actually live NEAR each other … fifty+ miles would give you some warning when she coming over.”

translates roughly into: besides ya can’t actually let them (your wife and her sister) live too near each other… fifty+ miles would give you some warning when she is coming over…

i have five sisters-in-law. fortunately, four live in indianapolis, one in bailey, colorado. the sixth sister has lived with me in california for twenty-one years… a once ayear (or so) visit back to naptown seems to be just about right.